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Image Enhancement Algorithm using Dynamic Range Optimization
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 Title & Authors
Image Enhancement Algorithm using Dynamic Range Optimization
Song, Ki Sun; Kim, Min Sub; Kang, Moon Gi;
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The images captured by digital still cameras or mobile phones are not always satisfactory because the devices have limited dynamic ranges compared with that of the real world. To cope with the problems, tone mapping function based methods and retinex theory based methods are studied. However, these methods generate a halo artifact or limited enhancement of global and local contrasts. The proposed method estimates illumination information used for image enhancement by optimizing a dynamic range of input image. The estimated illumination information has smoothness characteristic where the luminance is flat and does not have where the luminance changes to prevent the halo artifact. Additionally, the estimated illumination information and surrounding pixel values are considered when the tone mapping function is applied to overcome the limitations of the conventional tone mapping function approach. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the conventional methods on objective and subjective criteria.
Dynamic range;Global contrast;Local contrast;Illumination information;
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