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Transform Skip Mode Decision and Signaling Method for HEVC Screen Content Coding
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 Title & Authors
Transform Skip Mode Decision and Signaling Method for HEVC Screen Content Coding
Lee, Dahee; Yang, Seungha; Shim, HiukJae; Jeon, Byeungwoo;
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HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) extension considers screen content as one of its main candidate sources for encoding. Among the tools already included in HEVC version 1, the technique of using transform skip mode allows transform to be skipped and to perform quantization process only. It is known to improve video coding efficiency for screen contents which are characterized to have much high frequency energy. But encoding complexity increases since its encoder should decide whether transform should be used or not in each transform block. Based on statistical correlation between IBC (Intra block copy) and transform skip modes both of which are known effective in screen contents, this paper proposes a combined method of the fast transform skip mode decision and a modified transform skip signaling which signals transform_skip_flag at CU level as a representative transform skip signal. By simulation, the proposed method is shown to reduce encoding time of transform blocks by about 32%.
High Efficiency Video Coding;Fast Transform Skip Mode Decision;Transform Skip Signaling;Screen Content Coding;
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