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Estimation of Ultrasonic Attenuation Coefficients in the Frequency Domain using Compressed Sensing
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 Title & Authors
Estimation of Ultrasonic Attenuation Coefficients in the Frequency Domain using Compressed Sensing
Shim, Jaeyoon; Kim, Hyungsuk;
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Compressed Sensing(CS) is the theory that can recover signals which are sampled below the Nyquist sampling rate to original analog signals. In this paper, we propose the estimation algorithm of ultrasonic attenuation coefficients in the frequency domain using CS. While most estimation algorithms transform the time-domain signals into the frequency-domain using the Fourier transform, the proposed method directly utilize the spectral information in the recovery process by the basis matrix without the completely recovered signals in the time domain. We apply three transform bases for sparsifying and estimate the attenuation coefficients using the Centroid Downshift method with Dual-reference diffraction compensation technique. The estimation accuracy and execution time are compared for each basis matrix. Computer simulation results show that the DCT basis matrix exhibits less than 0.35% estimation error for the compressive ratio of 50% and about 6% average error for the compressive ratio of 70%. The proposed method which directly extracts frequency information from the CS signals can be extended to estimating for other ultrasonic parameters in the Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) Analysis.
ultrasound;attenuation;centroid downshift method;compressed sensing;basis matrix;
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