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Image Cache for FPGA-based Real-time Image Warping
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Image Cache for FPGA-based Real-time Image Warping
Choi, Yong Joon; Ryoo, Jung Rae;
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In FPGA-based real-time image warping systems, image caches are utilized for fast readout of image pixel data and reduction of memory access rate. However, a cache algorithm for a general computer system is not suitable for real-time performance because of time delays from cache misses and on-line computation complexity. In this paper, a simple image cache algorithm is presented for a FPGA-based real-time image warping system. Considering that pixel data access sequence is determined from the 2D coordinate transformation and repeated identically at every image frame, a cache load sequence is off-line programmed to guarantee no cache miss condition, and reduced on-line computation results in a simple cache controller. An overall system structure using a FPGA is presented, and experimental results are provided to show accuracy and validity of the proposed cache algorithm.
real-time image warping;image cache;bilinear interpolation;memory access rate;
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FPGA와 Dual Port SRAM 적용한 Radar System Positive Afterimage 고속 정보 표출에 관한 연구,신현종;유형근;

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