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Design and Implementation of Low-power Neuromodulation S/W based on MSP430
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 Title & Authors
Design and Implementation of Low-power Neuromodulation S/W based on MSP430
Hong, Sangpyo; Quan, Cheng-Hao; Shim, Hyun-Min; Lee, Sangmin;
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A power-efficient neuromodulator is needed for implantable systems. In spite of their stimulation signal`s simplicity of wave shape and waiting time of MCU(micro controller unit) much longer than execution time, there is no consideration for low-power design. In this paper, we propose a novel of low-power algorithm based on the characteristics of stimulation signals. Then, we designed and implement a neuromodulation software that we call NMS(neuro modulation simulation). In order to implement low-power algorithm, first, we analyze running time of every function in existing NMS. Then, we calculate execution time and waiting time for these functions. Subsequently, we estimate the transition time between active mode (AM) and low-power mode (LPM). By using these results, we redesign the architecture of NMS in the proposed low-power algorithm: a stimulation signal divided into a number of segments by using characteristics of the signal from which AM or LPM segments are defined for determining the MCU power reduces to turn off or not. Our experimental results indicate that NMS with low-power algorithm reducing current consumption of MCU by 76.31 percent compared to NMS without low-power algorithm.
MSP430;LPM(low-power mode);
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