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A Mismatch-Insensitive 12b 60MS/s 0.18um CMOS Flash-SAR ADC
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 Title & Authors
A Mismatch-Insensitive 12b 60MS/s 0.18um CMOS Flash-SAR ADC
Byun, Jae-Hyeok; Kim, Won-Kang; Park, Jun-Sang; Lee, Seung-Hoon;
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This work proposes a 12b 60MS/s 0.18um CMOS Flash-SAR ADC for various systems such as wireless communications and portable video processing systems. The proposed Flash-SAR ADC alleviates the weakness of a conventional SAR ADC that the operation speed proportionally increases with a resolution by deciding upper 4bits first with a high-speed flash ADC before deciding lower 9bits with a low-power SAR ADC. The proposed ADC removes a sampling-time mismatch by using the C-R DAC in the SAR ADC as the combined sampling network instead of a T/H circuit which restricts a high speed operation. An interpolation technique implemented in the flash ADC halves the required number of pre-amplifiers, while a switched-bias power reduction scheme minimizes the power consumption of the flash ADC during the SAR operation. The TSPC based D-flip flop in the SAR logic for high-speed operation reduces the propagation delay by 55% and the required number of transistors by half compared to the conventional static D-flip flop. The prototype ADC in a 0.18um CMOS demonstrates a measured DNL and INL within 1.33LSB and 1.90LSB, with a maximum SNDR and SFDR of 58.27dB and 69.29dB at 60MS/s, respectively. The ADC occupies an active die area of and consumes 5.4mW at a 1.8V supply.
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