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A Modified Decision-Directed LMS Algorithm
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A Modified Decision-Directed LMS Algorithm
Oh, Kil Nam;
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We propose a modified form of the decision-directed least mean square (DD LMS) algorithm that is widely used in the optimization of self-adaptive equalizers, and show the modified version greatly improves the initial convergence properties of the conventional algorithm. Existing DD LMS regards the difference between a equalizer output and a quantization value for it as an error, and achieves an optimization of the equalizer based on minimizing the mean squared error cost function for the equalizer coefficients. This error generating method is useful for binary signal or a single-level signals, however, in the case of multi-level signals, it is not effective in the initialization of the equalizer. The modified DD LMS solves this problem by modifying the error generation. We verified the usefulness and performance of the modified DD LMS through experiments with multi-level signals under distortions due to intersymbol interference and additive noise.
modified decision-directed;LMS;error signal;cost function;multi-level signal;CMA;
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