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Comparison of Optimal Path Algorithms and Implementation of Block Transporter Planning System
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Optimal Path Algorithms and Implementation of Block Transporter Planning System
Moon, Jong-Heon; Ruy, Won-Sun; Cha, Ju-Hwan;
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In the process of ship building, it is known that the maintenance of working period and saving cost are one of the important part during the logistics of blocks transportation. Precise operational planning inside the shipyard plays a big role for a smooth transportation of blocks. But many problems arise in the process of block transportation such as the inevitable road damage during the transportation of the blocks, unpredictable stockyard utilization of the road associated with a particular lot number, addition of unplanned blocks. Therefore, operational plan needs to be re-established frequently in real time for an efficient block management. In order to find the shortest path between lot numbers, there are several representative methods such as Floyd algorithm that has the characteristics of many-to-many mapping, Dijkstra algorithm that has the characteristic of one-to-many mapping, and the A* algorithm which has the one-to-one mapping, but many authors have published without the mutual comparisons of these algorithms. In this study, some appropriate comparison have been reviewed about the advantages and disadvantages of these algorithms in terms of precision and cost analysis of calculating the paths and planning system to operate the transporters. The flexible operating plan is proposed to handle a situation such as damaged path, changing process during block transportation. In addition, an operational algorithm of a vacant transporter is proposed to cover the shortest path in a minimum time considering the situation of transporter rotation for practical use.
Dijkstra algorithm;A* algorithm;Floyd algorithm;Transporter;Block transportation;Shortest path;Simulated annealing;SA;
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