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Microstructure and Hardness of Yb:YAG Disc Laser Surface Overlap Melted Cold Die Steel, STD11
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  • Journal title : Journal of Welding and Joining
  • Volume 33, Issue 5,  2015, pp.53-60
  • Publisher : The Korean Welding and Joining Society
  • DOI : 10.5781/JWJ.2015.33.5.53
 Title & Authors
Microstructure and Hardness of Yb:YAG Disc Laser Surface Overlap Melted Cold Die Steel, STD11
Lee, Kwang-Hyeon; Choi, Seong-Won; Yun, Jung Gil; Oh, Myeong-Hwan; Kim, Byung Min; Kang, Chung-Yun;
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Laser surface Melting Process is getting hardening layer that has enough depth of hardening layer as well as no defects by melting surface of substrate. This study used CW(Continuous Wave) Yb:YAG and STD11. Laser beam speed, power and beam interval are fixed at 70mm/sec, 2.8kW and 800um respectively. Hardness in the weld zone are equal to 400Hv regardless of melting zone, remelting zone overlapped by next beam and HAZ. Similarly, microstructures in all weld zone consist of dendrite structure that arm spacing is , matrix is (Austenite) and dendrite boundary consists of and of eutectic phase. This microstructure crystallizes from liquid to of primary crystal and residual liquid forms and of eutectic phase by eutectic reaction at . After solidification is complete, primary crystal and eutectic phase remain at room temperature without phase transformation by quenching. On the other hand, microstructures of substrate consist of ferrite, fine and coarse that have 210Hv. Microstructures in the HAZ consist of fine and coarse like substrate. But, increases and matrix was changed from ferrite to bainite that has hardness above 400Hv. Partial Melted Zone is formed between melting zone and HAZ. Partial Melted Zone near the melting zone consists of , and martensite and Partial Melted Zone near the HAZ consists of eutectic phase around and . Hardness is maximum 557Hv in the partial melted zone.
Laser Hardening;Yb:YAG Disc Laser;STD11;Laser surface melting;Trimming Die;
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