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Recent Studies of Laser Metal 3D Deposition with Wire Feeding
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  • Journal title : Journal of Welding and Joining
  • Volume 34, Issue 1,  2016, pp.35-40
  • Publisher : The Korean Welding and Joining Society
  • DOI : 10.5781/JWJ.2016.34.1.35
 Title & Authors
Recent Studies of Laser Metal 3D Deposition with Wire Feeding
Kam, Dong-Hyuck; Kim, Young-Min; Kim, Cheolhee;
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Recent developments of Laser metal 3D deposition with wire feeding are reviewed which provide an alternative to powder feeding method. The wire feeding direction, angle and position as well as laser power, wire feeding rate, and deposition speed are found to be key parameters to make quality deposition with high throughput. When compared with the powder feed, the wire feed shows higher material efficiency, higher deposition rate, and smoother surface. Large elongated columnar grains which have epitaxial growth across deposit layers are observed in deposit cross sections. The growth direction is parallel to the thermal gradient during the deposit process. Tensile properties are found to be dependent on the direction due to the anisotropic deposit property. A real-time feedback control is demonstrated to be effective to improve the deposition stability.
Wire feeding;Laser;Metal deposition;Microstructure;Mechanical properties;Feedback control;
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내로우 갭 적용을 위한 핫와이어 송급 레이저용접 - 고속촬영을 통한 와이어 용융/이행 현상과 아크 포메이션 분석 -,김경학;방한서;방희선;;;;

Journal of Welding and Joining, 2016. vol.34. 5, pp.26-32 crossref(new window)
금속 3D 프린팅 소재와 폴리머 레이저접합에 관한 연구,예강현;김성욱;박거동;최해운;

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