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Effect of Application Methods of Stretching Exercise on Angular Variation and Muscle Activation Changes in the Hallux Valgus
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Application Methods of Stretching Exercise on Angular Variation and Muscle Activation Changes in the Hallux Valgus
Song, Jiyeong; Kim, Younhee; Kim, Juri; An, Eunhye; You, Jiho; Kim, Sungyong; Jeong, Chanjoo; Yang, Hoesong; Yoo, Youngdae; Bae, Seahyun;
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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to effect of application methods of stretching exercise on angular variation and muscle activation changes in the hallux valgus. Method : This study was performed on twenty subjects. Twenty subjects were divided into two groups; Agonist Contraction(AC)(n
agonist-contraction;deformity;hallux valgus;hold-relax;
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