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Effect of Push-up Plus Exercise on Serratus Anterior and Upper Trapezius Muscle Activation Based on the Application Method of Togu
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Push-up Plus Exercise on Serratus Anterior and Upper Trapezius Muscle Activation Based on the Application Method of Togu
Lee, Keoncheol; Bae, Wonsik;
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Purpose : The purpose of this study was to find out the effects on muscle activations of serratus anterior and upper trapezius muscles when push-up plus exercise togu applied differently depending on the body part. Method : Thirty six volunteers took part in this study and we divided into three groups(upper arm togu group 12, leg togu group 12, upper arm-leg togu group 12). Each experimental group performed push-up plus exercise. All volunteers received a total of 18 exercise session over a 6 week period (three times per week). Exercise program was composed of serratus anterior and upper trapezius push-up plus exercise. Then we measured muscle activation of scapular stabilizer by electromyography. Repeated ANOVA was used to examine the effects of the intervention on each outcome measure. Result : After the six week intervention, there was a significant difference between the pre and 6 week in serratus anterior and upper trapezius muscle activity(p<0.05). After the six week intervention, there was a significant difference among the three group in serratus anterior muscle activity but no significant difference in upper trapezius muscle activity(p>.05). Conclusion : Serratus anterior and upper trapezius showed high muscle activity during push-up plus exercise. Therefore have a positive impact of scapular stabilizer. The larger the area of the unstable support surface, the larger muscle activity was larger of variation quantity.
push-up plus;serratus anterior;upper trapezius;EMG;
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