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Sleep patterns and it`s influencing factors of hospitalized elderly in long-term care hospital
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 Title & Authors
Sleep patterns and it`s influencing factors of hospitalized elderly in long-term care hospital
Jang, Hyo-Yoel; Kim, Tae-Im;
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This study was conducted to identify the sleep patterns and influencing factors of hospitalized elderly in a long-term care hospital. The sleep patterns of 142 subjects were recorded using Sleep Charts. The average sleep time of subjects was 10.7 hours a day (3.9 hours in daytime and 6.8 hours in nighttime). Sleep regularity among participants were 71.7% in all day (58.1% in day time and 80.5% in night time). The presence of dementia patients in the room (PDPR) has been identified to be a statistically significant predictor of all day sleep, and pain, PDPR, and physical function have been found to be a significant predictors of sleep regularity in all day among subjects. It suggested that elderly patients in a long-term care hospital do not slept well during night, which leads to increase in daytime sleep and decrease the quality of their sleep. Therefore, an intervention program should be developed to promote the quality of sleep among hospitalized elderly.
Elderly patient;hospitalization;sleep;sleep pattern;
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