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The Performance Improvement Method using Decision Feedback Channel Estimation Scheme in PB/MC-CDMA System
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  • Journal title : Journal of Digital Convergence
  • Volume 12, Issue 12,  2014, pp.329-335
  • Publisher : The Society of Digital Policy and Management
  • DOI : 10.14400/JDC.2014.12.12.329
 Title & Authors
The Performance Improvement Method using Decision Feedback Channel Estimation Scheme in PB/MC-CDMA System
Lee, Kyujin; Kim, Guijung;
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In this paper, to improve the performance of PB/MC-CDMA system, we have researched about the decision feedback channel estimation method using the pilot symbol with data symbol. The PB/MC-CDMA system is able to obtain the improved BER by frequency diversity gain and frequency domain equalizer in the frequency selective fading channel. However, when it is not the estimating of channel exactly, it is degrading the performance of BER in the system for occurred the interference among users. To improve the performane system in the multi-user environment the proposed system is using the decision feedback to estimate channel using the channel estimated value of the first stage and second stage. The proposed system is evaluated by computer simulation. The proposed system is not only able to improve the performance of BER by decreasing the interference to each user, but also the proposed system is possible to reduce number of pilot symbol to estimate the channel. Therefore, it confirmed the proposed system improves the performance than the conventional system.
PB/MC-CDMA;Channel Estimation;Frequency Domain Equalizer;Frequency Selective Fading Channel;
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