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An Experimental Study on Braking Thermal Damage of Brake Disk Cover
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  • Journal title : Journal of Digital Convergence
  • Volume 13, Issue 11,  2015, pp.171-178
  • Publisher : The Society of Digital Policy and Management
  • DOI : 10.14400/JDC.2015.13.11.171
 Title & Authors
An Experimental Study on Braking Thermal Damage of Brake Disk Cover
Ko, Kwang-Ho; Moon, Byung-Koo;
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The disk cover is installed to protect brake disk and calliper and it`s removed right before delivering to customers. The temperature of disk cover was measured driving test vehicles(2000cc, diesel) in this study. The highest temperature measured for the driving test(120km/h-braking(0.3G)-stop-120km/h-braking(0.5G)-stop) was in the upper part of the disk cover and the temperature varied considerably around the disk cover. It can be inferred from this temperature distribution around the cover that the major heat transfer from hot disk to cover was through convection. In other words, the hot air generated by braking friction moved up to the upper part of the disk cover. And only the upper area of the disk cover was melted down during this driving test. The thickness of disk cover was increased to 1.0mm from 0.7mm and 1 paper of masking tape was pasted in the upper region of the disk cover. Then the cover endured the heated air formed by braking friction during the driving test.
Disk cover;HIPS;Driving test;Brake disk;Braking friction;
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