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A Study on Multicultural Competence of University Students in the Fields of Human Services for the Era of Fusion and Convergence
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  • Journal title : Journal of Digital Convergence
  • Volume 13, Issue 11,  2015, pp.493-507
  • Publisher : The Society of Digital Policy and Management
  • DOI : 10.14400/JDC.2015.13.11.493
 Title & Authors
A Study on Multicultural Competence of University Students in the Fields of Human Services for the Era of Fusion and Convergence
Park, So-Jeong; Bae, Yang-Ja; Park, Sun-Hee; Kim, Sun-Ae;
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This study conducted research on the actual condition of multicultural education in universities and multicultural competence among university students. The overall results are discussed by two sections as follows: The average score of multicultural competence is 3.49, above moderate. The students who rate their multicultural competence high are those who have been abroad, lived in aborad, had foreign friends, or had communicative ability in foreign languages. There were significant differences in multicultural competence among students based on gender and major. Based on the overall results of the study, the several suggestions were made by the researcher as follows: Universities should support students` overseas volunteer program and encourage students to participate in domestic volunteer program for multicultural background groups.
Multicultural competence;Human service;Multicultural experience;University student;Convergence era;
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