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The Research of College Students` Sexual Culture in Convergence Ages (Focused on the effect of the types of love to casual sex)
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  • Journal title : Journal of Digital Convergence
  • Volume 14, Issue 4,  2016, pp.295-301
  • Publisher : The Society of Digital Policy and Management
  • DOI : 10.14400/JDC.2016.14.4.295
 Title & Authors
The Research of College Students` Sexual Culture in Convergence Ages (Focused on the effect of the types of love to casual sex)
Kim, Young-Gi; Park, Mi-Sook;
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This research is purposed to find the effects of casual sex for college students in order to understand the sexual culture of college students and to provide basic information to counsel the sexual education to college students. The participants of this research were 868 college students and the data were analyzed using the IBM/SPSS 20.0 program. As a result, the passion of college student affected the casual sex very positively. As the rate of responsibility increases, it affects negatively attitude and behavior of casual sex. To go further, the rates of passion influences positively the attitude and behavior of casual sex. For this kind of results, as the casual sex of college student in South Korea is behaved in the dating relationship different to America and the dating is very common in South Korea, it is also showing the criticalness and neediness of the sexual educations about the responsibility of sexual behaviors. Among the college students, the casual sex and casual relationships are already behaved through them. However, the researches of the casual sex is difficult to be found in South Korea. In now days, the casual sex is representing the sexuality of young adults in this united ages. Therefore, the following researches will be well applied to provide the basic informations for sexual counsels and sexual educations.
Casual Sex;Love Triangle;College Student;Sexual Behavior;Sexual Culture;Convergence;
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초기 성인기 대학생의 융복합 기반 안전한 성행동 경로모형,서영숙;권영채;

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