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A Study on Application Design Scenarios for the Gas Safety Field Workers -focused on the pipe work-
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  • Journal title : Journal of Digital Convergence
  • Volume 14, Issue 5,  2016, pp.273-281
  • Publisher : The Society of Digital Policy and Management
  • DOI : 10.14400/JDC.2016.14.5.273
 Title & Authors
A Study on Application Design Scenarios for the Gas Safety Field Workers -focused on the pipe work-
Lee, Jooah; Kim, Mi-Hye; Kang, Bong Hee;
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The issue about the safety management of gas related work has been studied toward a direction to utilize IoT system recently. For this purpose, the matters of user`s demand has been deduced through the literature survey, field survey, and professional consultation, by studying the characteristics of worker, work, and work site. In summary, these are the demands for mobile App, 1)a clear arrangement of contents, 2)a design with high readability, 3)a design with low death, 4) securing of user`s accessibility, 5)an effective information transmission plan in the work section where it is impossible to operate the mobile device, 6)an activation of alarm function at the section of high working error, 7)a fast two-way transmission and receipt of safety inspection matter needed at work, 8)a selection of images and contents that can guide the situation to the worker in case of accident, 9)an alarm function for the degree of danger in an area of worker`s location. Based on these, a basic design of safety application for gas related work has been proposed, that can secure the user accessibility.
Mobile App;Gas Safety;App Scenarios;Gas Safety Field Workers;UI;
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