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New Record of Gadella jordani and Redescription of Physiculus japonicus (Pisces: Moridae) in Korea
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 Title & Authors
New Record of Gadella jordani and Redescription of Physiculus japonicus (Pisces: Moridae) in Korea
Jang, Seo Ha; Kim, Jin-Koo; Park, Jeong-Ho; Song, Young Sun;
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We describe the morphological characteristics of two morids, Gadella jordani and Physiculus japonicus, belonging to the order Gadiformes, based on Korean specimens collected from the Korean ocean. Two specimens of Gadella jordani was first collected from Jeju Island, Korea and the East Sea, Korea, in 2013-2014. This species is characterized by 8, 67-69 dorsal fin rays, 66-71 anal fin rays, 5+13 gill rakers, no barbel on the lower jaw, no vomerine teeth, and a ventral luminous organ closer to the anus than to the interventral line. We described it as the first record to the Korean fish fauna, and proposed the new Korean name "Min-su-yeom-dae-gu-sok" for the genus Gadella, and "Min-su-yeom-dae-gu" for the species G. jordani. Physiculus japonicus was first reported by Koh and Moon in the year 1999 based on a single specimen in Korea. However, no study has been attempted to describe the morphological characteristics in Korea since then. In 2013-2014, three specimens of P. japonicus was collected from Jeju Island, Korea and the East Sea, Korea, and we redescribe P. japonicus in detail. This species is characterized by 9-10, 63-64 dorsal fin rays, 70-73 anal fin rays, 3+7-8 gill rakers, a short barbel on the lower jaw, and a ventral luminous organ equidistant between the interventral line and the anus.
Gadella jordani;Physiculus japonicus;new record;redescription;Moridae;
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