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Six New Records of Springtails (Collembola) from North Korea
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 Title & Authors
Six New Records of Springtails (Collembola) from North Korea
Danyi, Laszlo; Park, Kyung Hwa;
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Six species of springtails (Collembola) are reported for the first time from North Korea: Pachyotoma takeshitai (Kinoshita, 1916), Folsomia bisetosa Gisin, 1953 and Agrenia agilis Fjellberg, 1986 of Isotomidae, Entomobrya sibirica Stach, 1963 and Willowsia buski (Lubbock, 1870) of Entomobryidae, and Ptenothrix setosa (Krausbauer, 1898) of Dicyrtomidae. The genus Pachyotoma Bagnall, 1949 is mentioned for the first time from the Korean Peninsula. In order to facilitate the identification of these species, illustrations and short diagnoses are provided and the poorly known P. takeshitai is described in detail. Ptenothrix setosa and E. sibirica link the Korean peninsular fauna with Central Asia, P. takeshitai shows the zoogeographical connection of the Korean Peninsula with the Japanese Islands and A. agilis has a trans-pacific distribution. Folsomia bisetosa is an interesting circumpolar element in the Korean fauna while W. buski is a subcosmopolitan species.
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