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Two Newly Recorded Species of the Genus Aoroides (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Aoridae) from Korea
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 Title & Authors
Two Newly Recorded Species of the Genus Aoroides (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Aoridae) from Korea
Jung, Tae Won; Kim, Jong Guk; Yoon, Seong Myeong;
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Two aorid amphipods, Aoroides ellipticus Ariyama, 2004 and A. semicurvatus Ariyama, 2004 from shallow waters of South Korea are reported here. Aoroides ellipticus has the characteristic setation of gnathopod 1 and the elliptical shape of basis on pereopod 7, while A. semicurvatus can be easily distinguished from congeners by combined characters of the curved propodus on gnathopod 2 and the absence of marginal spines on outer ramus of uropod 3 in mature males. This paper redescribed these two aorids and provided a key to Korean Aoroides species.
Aoroides ellipticus;Aoroides semicurvatus;taxonomy;amphipods;Korea;
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