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Review of the Genus Hypsicera (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Metopiinae) from South Korea
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 Title & Authors
Review of the Genus Hypsicera (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Metopiinae) from South Korea
Kang, Gyu-Won; Choi, Jin-Kyung; Suh, Kyong-In; Lee, Jong-Wook;
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Hypsicera has been reported six species from South Korea. In this study, we reviewed 13 species of South Korean Hypsicera including seven newly recorded species from South Korea. Female of H. brevicornis and H. nigribasis are reported for the first time from South Korea since first record. Additionally, H. incarinata and H. yoshimoboi are reported new to China. We provide diagnoses of six newly recorded species and descriptions of two new females. We also provide photographs of key characters of seven newly recorded species and a key to 13 species of South Korean Hypsicera.
Taxonomy;new record;Eastern Palaearctic;China;
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