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A Study on Adjustment of Operational Factor in A2O process
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A Study on Adjustment of Operational Factor in A2O process
Yoo, Ho-Sik; Lee, Byonghi;
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An alternative was investigated to maximize the treatment efficiency of wastewater treatment plant without large scale expansion. 79% of detention time was required for enough nitrogen control. As aeration time was extended, nitrification was processed, but opposite trend was seen in phosphorus. High concentration of interrupted PAOs activity not to absorb phosphorus. An alternative was devised for selective use of anaerobic or anoxic zone. Trisection was suggested for alternative use of center room. The result was relatively successful. The concentration of phosphorus was reduced with reduction of nitrogen. Extended anaerobic condition seemed to stimulate denitrification. Valve connection of internal return from aeration tank will make it possible to use middle room alternatively. This method will be a good alternative for seasonal variation of water temperature.
process;Operating factor;wastewater treatment;simulation;
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