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Adsorption Characteristics of Aqueous Phosphate Using Biochar Derived from Oak Tree
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Adsorption Characteristics of Aqueous Phosphate Using Biochar Derived from Oak Tree
Choi, Yong-Su; Hong, Seung-Gil; Kim, Sung-Chul; Shin, Joung-Du;
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Objective of this study was to investigate adsorption characteristics of to biochar produced from oak tree in respective to reduce eutrophication from runoff water in the cropland. For adsorption experiment, input amount of biochar was varied from 4 to 20 g/L with 30 mg/L solution. Adsorption amounts and removal rates of was increased at 3 times in 4~14 g/L, and increased at 28.6% in 4~16 g/L, respectively. The maximum adsorption amount () and binding strength constant(b) were calculated as 0.10 mg/g and 0.06 L/mg, respectively. The sorption of to biochar was fitted well by Langmuir model because it was observed that dimensionless constant() was 0.37. It was indicated that biochar is favorably adsorbed because this value lie within 0 < < 1. Therefore, biochar produced from oak tree could be used as adsorbent for reduce eutrophication from runoff water in the cropland.
Cropland;Eutrophication;Nutrients;Langmuir isotherm;
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계량서지학적 분석을 통한 국내 biochar 관련 연구 동향 및 전망,김용성;김찬양;현승훈;

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