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Furrow Covering Effects with Rice Straw on Nutrient Discharge from Upland Soil Used for Red Pepper Cultivation
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 Title & Authors
Furrow Covering Effects with Rice Straw on Nutrient Discharge from Upland Soil Used for Red Pepper Cultivation
Hong, Seung-Chang; Kim, Min-Kyeong; Jung, Goo-Buk; So, Kyu-Ho;
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Excessive application of nutrient supplement on the upland soil may increase the amount of discharge to surrounding water systems. The chemical fertilizer (CF), cow manure compost (CMC), and pig manure compost (PMC) are used as a nutrient supplement for cultivation of red pepper. Rice straws are widely used as a soil covering material in order to reduce weed occurrence, to protect soil moisture, and to supply organic matter in upland soil. This study was conducted to evaluate the furrow covering effect with rice straw on nutrient discharge in upland soil used for red pepper cultivation. The experimental plots of nutrient supplement were consisted of CF, CMC, and PMC and the amount of nutrient application were as recommended amount after soil test for red pepper cultivation. Each nutrient supplement treatment plot has no furrow covering (CFC) as a control and furrow covering with rice straw (FCS), respectively. Furrow covering with rice straw (FCS) of CF treatment and CMC treatment reduced the amount of T-N(total nitrogen) discharge by , , respectively, compared to control. While the amount of T-P(total phosphorus) discharge of the furrow covering with rice straw of CF, CMC, and PMC increased by , , and , respectively, compared to control. The phosphorus and nitrogen content of straw were 0.4 % and 0.3 % respectively. In addition, in three week the phosphorus was eluted from the straw which soaked in distilled water. Thus, it was assumed that T-P discharging originated from rice straw which applied as a furrow covering material. The furrow covering with rice straw reduced weed occurrence compared to control. But production of fresh red pepper was not influenced significantly by furrow covering with rice straw. In conclusion, excessive furrow covering with rice straw could induce T-P discharge from upland soil used for red pepper cultivation. Further studies are needed to evaluate the appropriate amount of rice straw as a furrow covering material.
Furrow covering;Nutrient discharge;Red pepper;Rice straw;Surface runoff;
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