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Effect of Compression Treatment on Characteristics of Solidified Cow Manure Fuel
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Compression Treatment on Characteristics of Solidified Cow Manure Fuel
Jeong, Kwang-Hwa; Kim, Jung-Kon; Lee, Dong-Jun; Cho, Won-Mo;
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This study was purposed to evaluate the characteristic changes of the solidified livestock manure fuel(SLMF) through the application of compression treatment process. The compression process led to an increase of VS/TS ratio (Volatile solids/Total solids ratio) and moisture removal effect of SLMF. The amount of leachate withdrawn from dairy cattle manure and Hanwoo manure by compression were 21~26%(w/w) and 15~20%(w/w), respectively. The specific gravity of the leachate of dairy cattle manure and Hanwoo manure were 1.01 and 0.99, respectively. The dehydrated cow manure was easily processed into ball-shaped solidified fuel. The drying time of the SLMF was proportional to the diameter of the solidified fuel. The highest heating value was observed in diameter range of 10~15mm SLMF. It is concluded that the higher heating value of 10~15mm SLMF was related with the amount of fibrous matter contained in the SLMF.
Compression treatment;Livestock manure;Heating value;Solidified fuel;
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