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Large Eddy Simulation on the Aerodynamic Performance of Three-Dimensional Small-Size Axial Fan with the Different Depth of Bellmouth
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Large Eddy Simulation on the Aerodynamic Performance of Three-Dimensional Small-Size Axial Fan with the Different Depth of Bellmouth
Kim, Jang-Kweon; Oh, Seok-Hyung;
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The unsteady-state, incompressible and three-dimensional large eddy simulation(LES) was carried out to analyze the aerodynamic performance of three-dimensional small-size axial fan(SSAF) with the different depth of bellmouth. The static pressure coefficients analyzed by LES predict a little bit larger than measurements except stall region regardless of the installation depth between SSAF and bellmouth. Moreover, static pressure efficiencies analyzed by LES show about maximum 30% at the actual operating point ranges, but measurements do not. Therefore, if the blades of conventional SSAF have some more rigidity and complete dynamic balance, the aerodynamic performance of SSAF will be some more improved. In consequence, LES shows the best prediction performance in comparison with any other Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes(RANS) method.
Aerodynamic Performance;Courant Number;Dynamic Subgrid-Scale;Flow Coefficient;Large Eddy Simulation(LES);Small-Size Axial Fan(SSAF);Static Pressure Coefficient;Static Pressure Efficiency;
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운전점에 따른 3차원 소형축류홴의 와도 특성에 대한 대규모 와 모사,김장권;오석형;

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