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De-NOx Characteristics of V2O5 SCR according to the Ratio of TiO2 Crystal Structures
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 Title & Authors
De-NOx Characteristics of V2O5 SCR according to the Ratio of TiO2 Crystal Structures
Seo, Choong-Kil; Bae, Jaeyoung;
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The purpose of this study is to investigate the de-NOx performance characteristics according to the crystal structures ratio of SCR catalysts. The anatase(100%) SCR catalyst showed the highest desorption peak of 80ppm at about , and was not desorbed at . It can be confirmed that there was many desorbed at a high temperature among other various crystal structures, which is because the catalyst was more acidized to increase the intensity of acid sites as the content of subacid sulfate ions() in the rutile phase increases. The anatase/rutile(7%/93%) SCR had the smallest width of de-NOx performance drop according to thermal aging, and had strong durability against thermal aging.
Diesel engine;Catalyst;SCR;;Structure;
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