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Effect of Sigma Phase on Electrochemical Corrosion Characteristics of a Deposited Metal of ER2594
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Sigma Phase on Electrochemical Corrosion Characteristics of a Deposited Metal of ER2594
Jung, Byong-Ho; Kim, Si-Young; Seo, Gi-Jeong; Park, Joo-Young;
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A deposited metal specimen of ER2594 which is a super duplex steel welding wire used to investigate the effect of sigma() phase on electrochemical corrosion characteristics was prepared by gas tungsten arc welding. Aging treatment was conducted for the specimen at the temperature range of to for 5 to 300 minutes after annealing at . Corrosion current density has decreased a little with an increase of aging time over 60 minutes at to and the uniform corrosion of deposited metal had more influence on the precipitation of ferrite than the precipitation of sigma phase. Therefore, the precipitation of sigma phase did not have much effect on the uniform corrosion. Pitting potential representing pitting corrosion has shown decreasing tendency as the precipitation of sigma phase increased. The degree of sensitization representing intergranular corrosion has shown increasing tendency as the precipitation of sigma phase increased at to , while it has decreased at for 60 to 300 minutes.
A deposited metal;ER2594;Sigma() phase;Uniform corrosion;Pitting corrosion;Intergranular corrosion;
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