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Design and performance analysis of a gerotor expander for power generation from waste heat
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 Title & Authors
Design and performance analysis of a gerotor expander for power generation from waste heat
Park, Keun-Tae; Kim, Yong-Hee; Kim, Hyun-Jin;
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In this paper, the feasibility study on a gerotor type expander as a power converting device in a small scale power generation ORC system was made by performance analysis of the gerotor expander. Design of a 1kW-class gerotor expander was carried out and its performance was numerically simulated. For a R134a Rankine system with about 20 kW solar heat source, the gerotor expander efficiency was calculated to be 35~75% for the operating conditions of $Te
Gerotor;Waste heat power generation;Solar energy;Organic Rankine cycle;
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