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Free Vibration Analysis of Axisymmetric Conical Shell
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 Title & Authors
Free Vibration Analysis of Axisymmetric Conical Shell
Choi, Myung-Soo; Yeo, Dong-Jun; Kondou, Takahiro;
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Generally, methods using transfer techniques, like the transfer matrix method and the transfer stiffness coefficient method, find natural frequencies using the sign change of frequency determinants in searching frequency region. However, these methods may omit some natural frequencies when the initial frequency interval is large. The Sylvester-transfer stiffness coefficient method ("S-TSCM") can always obtain all natural frequencies in the searching frequency region even though the initial frequency interval is large. Because the S-TSCM obtain natural frequencies using the number of natural frequencies existing under a searching frequency. In this paper, the algorithm for the free vibration analysis of axisymmetric conical shells was formulated with S-TSCM. The effectiveness of S-TSCM was verified by comparing numerical results of S-TSCM with those of other methods when analyzing free vibration in two computational models: a truncated conical shell and a complete (not truncated) conical shell.
Axisymmetric conical shells;Free vibration;Sylvester`s inertia theorem;Transfer stiffness coefficient method;Transfer matrix method;Finite element method;
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