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Mechanical properties and immersion characteristics of sensitinized STS310S, STS316L and STS347H in the range of 480~720℃
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 Title & Authors
Mechanical properties and immersion characteristics of sensitinized STS310S, STS316L and STS347H in the range of 480~720℃
Kim, Young-Soo; Lee, So-Young; Do, Jae-Yoon; Ahn, Seok-Hwan; Nam, Ki-Woo;
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The current study was carried to understand the immersion characteristics and mechanical properties of heat treated stainless steels. Stainless steels (STS310S, STS316L and STS347H) were thermally treated at temperature ranges from 480 to . Nominal stress was determined to be slightly different depending on the heat treatment temperature. The Cr concentration in STS310S was increased at the temperatures of 600 and , whereas the Cr concentration in STS316L and STS347H were almost constant regardless of heat treatment temperatures. Vickers hardness was found larger as a thermal treatment temperature was increased. Immersion tests of the stainless steels were also carried out in acidic solution and alkaline solution for 240 hours. Among three different stainless steels, the pitting was detected in the acidic solution, not in the alkaline solution. The pitting of STS347H was occurred more than STS310S and STS316L.
Austenite Stainless Steel;Immersion;Pitting;Acidic and alkaline solution;
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