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Sleep and Suicide
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Sleep and Suicide
Yoon, Ho-Kyoung;
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Previous research has identified the biological, psychological, and social factors that confer an elevated risk for suicide. Evidence suggests that sleep disturbances are one of the risk factors that predict an increased risk for suicidal behaviors. Both sleep disorders and general sleep complaints are linked to higher levels of suicidal ideation and depression, as well as increased rates of suicide and suicide attempts. The causal mechanism of this association is not clear. For example, it is not known if insomnia is an independent phenomenon that if interrupted could prevent the emergence of a mental disorder, or if insomnia is a symptom of another developing illness. Hypofrontality, HPA dysfunction, and an impaired serotonergic system are potential mechanisms underlying the association of sleep disturbances and suicidal behavior. Future research is necessary to examine the specific mechanism of this association between sleep and suicide, which may lead to an effective intervention and diminished suicide risk.
Frontal lobe;Serotonin;Sleep;Suicide;
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