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Parallelism for Nested Loops with Simple Subscripts
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 Title & Authors
Parallelism for Nested Loops with Simple Subscripts
Jeong, Sam-Jin;
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In this paper, we propose improved loop splitting method for maximizing parallelism of single loops with non-constant dependence distances. By using the iteration and distance for the source of the first dependence, and by our defined theorems, we present generalized and optimal algorithms for single loops with non-uniform dependences (MPSL). By the extension of the MPSL method, we also apply to exploit parallelism from nested loops with simple subscripts, based on cycle shrinking and loop interchanging method. The algorithms generalize how to transform general single loops with non-uniform dependences as well as nested loops with simple subscripts into parallel loops.
Parallelizing Compiler;Loop Splitting;Nested Loop;Multiple Dependences;Non-uniform Dependences;
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