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Study for the Availability of Ultrasonogram Guided Fine Needle Aspiration for Patients with Thyroid Gland Disease
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 Title & Authors
Study for the Availability of Ultrasonogram Guided Fine Needle Aspiration for Patients with Thyroid Gland Disease
Kim, Han-Yong; Dong, Kyung-Rae;
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Since the diagnosis of malignancy and benign of thyroid gland diseases is difficult only by using ultrasonogram opinions, the combination of fine needle aspiration (FNA) has been generalized trend for precise pathological diagnosis. Therefore, the current study aimed to know about its availability. The study subjected 500 patients who received the FNA along with the ultrasonogram screening for thyroid gland from October, 2007 to April, 2008. As the equipments for the study, Philips HDI-3500 and Philips UITRAMARKer-9 (UM-9) were used to conduct the comparative analysis of pathological results that were obtained through the inspection of ultrasonogram screening and through ultrasonogram guided FNA. Among the 464 patients who were found to be benign from the ultrasonogram screening inspection, II cases of the FNA diagnosis results judged to be malignancy, and 13 cases of the FNA diagnosis resulted to be benign among 36 patients who were diagnosed to be malignancy. The cases observed as solid from the opinions of ultrasonogram screening were often found to be malignancy, and most of the malignancy results were observed to show the hypoechoic pattern. Among the patients diagnosed with malignancy from the diagnosis of FNA, the 32 patients were found to have the papillary carcinoma, and the benign type was observed to be goiter and hyperplasia in 263 patients, which took up 52.6%. The ultrasonogram screening test that is performed for the purpose of diagnosing thyroid gland diseases, it is distinctively an useful inspection to diagnosis the presence, size and shape of nodules. However, the results of performing of FNA for those of nodules which were observed to be benign from the ultrasonogram were often came up with malignancy and there were cases that the nodules diagnosed with malignancy were diagnosed as benign from the FNA diagnosis.
ultrasonogram;FNA;hypoechoic;thyroid gland;
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