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A Study on Validity of New Mobile Policies in Korea
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Validity of New Mobile Policies in Korea
Yang, Je-Min; Park, Jae-Chon;
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The world mobile service is growing sharply and became bigger market than wired. So it is very needed to find the political way to promote mobile industry. The United States government recently decided to introduce new mobile policies for promoting mobile industry. Until now the telecommunications policies of the United States have affected policy developments for many countries including Korea. In this context, we studied the validity of introducing new mobile policies of the United States in Korea. We found that new mobile policies can cause the change of mobile market environment; mobile market power will be dispersed from network to content, application and devise, and new mobile market environment where consumers freely select and use network as well as content, application and devise will be made. Also we found empirically that if new policies are introduced in Korea, mobile industry will be promoted as Korean consumers use mobile services and goods quite actively in new mobile market. We think our results provide reasonable evidence to introduce new mobile policies in Korea.
Wireless Open Access;DTV Bands;Network Neutrality;Mobile Policy;
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무선 인터넷 개방성을 위해 고려할 수 있는 규제방안에 관한 연구: 단말기 플랫폼을 중심으로,양제민;박영욱;박재천;

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