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Threats of MANPADS and Its Counter-Measures
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Threats of MANPADS and Its Counter-Measures
Choi, Jin-Tai;
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The International air transportation industry provides a vital communication link which brings prosperity to many states in our modern age. This invaluable link has been threatened by terrorism. Airlines have been one of the most attractive targets in the eyes of terrorists for several reasons, including particularly the international and symbolic nature of aviation, and the potential of multigovernmental involvement which can inevitably generate wide publicity. Terrorist attacks against civil aviation have been committed since the earliest days of civil aviation history. The first attack against civil aircraft dates back to the early 1930s. Since then, aircraft hijacking and other forms of attack against air transport operations have become one of the most serious challenges to the safety of flying. In recent years, a new form of threats against civil aviation has appeared. Man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) in the hands of criminals, terrorists, and other non-state actors pose a serious potential threat to passenger air travel, the commercial aviation industry, and military aircraft around the world. The purpose of this study is to provide some countermeasures against such attacks. In order to foster a better understanding of the problem, an introduction of MANPADS and a brief history of attacks using MANPADS are presented. It also examines the level of threats, trends of attacks using MANPADS and the possible countermeasures to be taken by the international community.
MANPADS;Terrorism;Aviation Terrorism;Aviation Security;Counterterrorism Security;
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