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Rectification of Perspective Text Images on Rectangular Planes
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 Title & Authors
Rectification of Perspective Text Images on Rectangular Planes
Le, Huy Phat; Madhubalan, Kavitha; Lee, Guee-Sang;
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Natural images often contain useful information about the scene such as text or company logos placed on a rectangular shaped plane. The 2D images captured from such objects by a camera are often distorted, because of the effects of the perspective projection camera model. This distortion makes the acquisition of the text information difficult. In this study, we detect the rectangular object on which the text is written, then the image is restored by removing the perspective distortion. The Hough transform is used to detect the boundary lines of the rectangular object and a bilinear transformation is applied to restore the original image.
perspective rectification;Hough transform;text restoration;bilinear transformation;
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