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Factors Affecting User`s Repurchase Intention towards Chinese Internet Shopping Malls
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 Title & Authors
Factors Affecting User`s Repurchase Intention towards Chinese Internet Shopping Malls
Jung, Chul-Ho; Chung, Young-Soo; Wang, Tao; Piao, Shi-Guang;
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More and more researchers and practitioners in the field of e-commerce are paying attentions to the retention of online customers. However, only a few researches can be addressed in the context of internet shopping mall repurchase intention. This study aims at investigating and delineating the important characteristic factors which affect consumers` repurchase intentions by conducting an empirical analysis. In order to fulfill this purpose effectively, a comprehensive review of previous studies regarding information system success model was performed in order to render a stronger theoretical foundation for our study. Finally, based on the DeLone and McLean (2003) IS success model, information quality, system quality, service quality, customer satisfaction and repurchase intention were employed as five constructs in the research model and hypotheses on mutual relationships between these constructs were established accordingly. Structural equation modeling was employed to analyze the data collected from 204 internet shopping mall consumers in China. Our theoretical model exhibited a good fit with the observed data. The empirical results showed particularly strong support for the effects of information quality, service quality and user satisfaction. The findings of this research contributed to the extension of repurchase intention study in the context of Internet shopping malls. Our research also offered implications for practitioners in regards to devising internet shopping malls so as to increase consumers` repurchase intention to use these services.
Chinese Internet Shopping Malls;Quality of Information Systems;Customer Satisfaction;Repurchase Intention;
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