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High performance metal-only fan-beam reflectarray with a delta source applicable for an electromagnetic fence
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 Title & Authors
High performance metal-only fan-beam reflectarray with a delta source applicable for an electromagnetic fence
Cho, Yong-Heui;
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The scattering solutions for multiple rectangular metallic gratings in a perfectly conducting plane excited by the TE and TM delta sources are presented using an overlapping T-block method. A reflectarray composed of rectangular metallic gratings shows fanbeam radiation patterns that are useful for an electromagnetic fence. The scattering characteristics of multiple rectangular gratings were computed in terms of total radiated power and antenna directivity. The design method of a fan-beam reflectarray to obtain high directivity was also compared with superdirective radiation and parabolic reflector phase.
Electromagnetic Fence;Millimeter-Wave;Metal-Only Reflectarray;High-Gain Antenna;
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