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Text Location and Extraction for Business Cards Using Stroke Width Estimation
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 Title & Authors
Text Location and Extraction for Business Cards Using Stroke Width Estimation
Zhang, Cheng Dong; Lee, Guee-Sang;
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Text extraction and binarization are the important pre-processing steps for text recognition. The performance of text binarization strongly related to the accuracy of recognition stage. In our proposed method, the first stage based on line detection and shape feature analysis applied to locate the position of a business card and detect the shape from the complex environment. In the second stage, several local regions contained the possible text components are separated based on the projection histogram. In each local region, the pixels grouped into several connected components based on the connected component labeling and projection histogram. Then, classify each connect component into text region and reject the non-text region based on the feature information analysis such as size of connected component and stroke width estimation.
line detection;projection histogram;color segmentation;shape extraction;text detection;stroke width estimation;
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