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Exploring Antecedents of Consumers' Willingness to Depend on E-Health Information
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 Title & Authors
Exploring Antecedents of Consumers' Willingness to Depend on E-Health Information
Oh, Su-Jin;
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Previous research on online health (e-health) information was primarily focused on consumer information search behavior and information quality. Although studies addressing online information quality have flourished, they have yet to thoroughly examine whether consumers actually use the information they search. The purspose of this study suggests a conceptual framework that examines the potential antecedents of a consumers' willingness to depend on e-health information as an indicator of the consumer's trust of the provided e-health information. The proposed antecedents include healthcare product involvement, online skill level, perceived quality, and credibility of the source. Using structural equation modeling on online survey data, seven hypotheses, which describe the relationships between the variables of the model, were tested. The results indicate that consumer willingness to depend on provided e-health information was significantly influenced by the consumers' perceived quality and credibility of specific e-health information. Consumer involvement in healthcare and their online skill-level, respectively, also positively related to perceived quality and credibility regarding e-health information.
Consumers' willingness to depend on information;consumer's trust on provided information contents;and information quality;
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