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Analysis and Design of Low Pass Filter using Unit Cell based on CRLH Transmission Line
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  • Journal title : International Journal of Contents
  • Volume 8, Issue 3,  2012, pp.100-104
  • Publisher : The Korea Contents Association
  • DOI : 10.5392/IJoC.2012.8.3.100
 Title & Authors
Analysis and Design of Low Pass Filter using Unit Cell based on CRLH Transmission Line
Yang, Lei; Yang, Doo-Yeong;
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In this paper, a unit cell for low pass filter design by using composite right and left-handed transmission line in conductor-backed coplanar waveguide is proposed. The characteristics of the unit cell are analyzed in order to design a low pass filter in small sizes. By changing the sizes of the unit cell, the parameters of right-handed and left-handed immittance components are changed and the desired characteristics of the unit cell are achieved. The equivalent circuit of the unit cell is extracted and analyzed either. As a result, the simulation results of the unit cell and the equivalent circuit are almost identified. The movement and energy distributions of electromagnetic field are shown to confirm the property of the unit cell. In the end, a low pass filter is demonstrated by cascading three proposed unit cells, which shows cutoff frequency of 1.53GHz and deep attenuation from 2.23GHz to 4.49GHz lower than -50dB.
Composite Right and Left-Handed Transmission Line;Conductor Backed Coplanar Waveguide;Unit Cell;Low Pass Filter;
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미앤더 마이크로스트립 전송선을 이용한 고감쇄 LPF 설계 및 제작,서수덕;조학래;양두영;

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