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Analyzing Service Failure Themes on Online Healthcare Product: Focusing on Online Consumers` Word-of-mouse
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Analyzing Service Failure Themes on Online Healthcare Product: Focusing on Online Consumers` Word-of-mouse
Oh, Su-Jin;
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The emergence of the Internet has provided a new outlet for consumers who experience service failure from products and services, augmenting the traditional options of entry, voice and action. Consumers` negative word of mouth through online (word-of-mouse or eWOM) far exceeds traditional word of mouth (WOM) in respect of its potential effectiveness, speed and spread. This paper tries to figure out the service failure themes in the health care industry by analyzing online word-of-mouse using the critical incidents technique (CIT). Complaint themes in the area of healthcare are identified and analyzed. The results identify that major complaint theme differed according to the site type. Also, the findings indicate that delivery and customer services are critical issues when consumer makes negative WOM.
Service Failure;Consumers` complaint;Online word-of-mouth (word of mouse or eWOM);Healthcare industry;
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