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The Immediate Effects of Kinesio Taping on the Maximal Power and Muscle Activity of Erector Spinae in Normal Subjects
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 Title & Authors
The Immediate Effects of Kinesio Taping on the Maximal Power and Muscle Activity of Erector Spinae in Normal Subjects
Lee, Moon-Hwan; Kim, Seong-Yeol;
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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of Kinesio taping(KT) on the maximal power and muscle activity of erector spinae. 30 male subjects were allocated in this study and randomly divided into experimental and control groups. All subjects were measured for maximal power of trunk extensors and muscle activities of iliocostalis lumborum, longissimus, and multifidus between pre and post experiment. Maximal power was calculated using a dynamometer(Power Track II, JTECH medical, USA), and muscle activities were calculated using a surface EMG(MP150 BIOPAC System Inc. CA. USA). Maximal power of trunk extensor showed no significant difference between pre and post intervention in both groups(p>0.05). Muscle activity of iliocostalis lumborum, longissimus, and multifidus showed no significant difference between pre and post intervention(p>0.05). Finally, there was no significant difference between Experimental and control group in maximal power and muscle activity of trunk extensor. These study results suggested that KT did not affect increase or decrease in maximal power and muscle activities of trunk extensor.
Kinesio taping;Muscle activity;EMG;
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