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A Study of the HTML5-based Mobile Order Communication System
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 Title & Authors
A Study of the HTML5-based Mobile Order Communication System
Ahn, Yoon-Ae; Cho, Han-Jin;
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Recently, online real-time web accessible mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs and application services have been developing rapidly. Hospitals also need to adopt an efficient information system that can provide decent medical services under mobile computing environments to complete future medical services. This study proposes a system in which a doctor can examine a patient and make out a prescription in a ward on a real-time based on the current Order Communication Systems (OCSs) through mobile interfaces. The proposed system implements mobile web pages using HTML5, instead of a mobile app. Web processing speed can be enhanced using the web socket and web storage functions of HTML5.
HTML5;Web Socket;Mobile Web;Order Communication System;Smartphone;
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