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Implementation of efficient parking enforcement system using smartphone
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 Title & Authors
Implementation of efficient parking enforcement system using smartphone
Kim, Doyeon; Kim, Jaejoon;
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To date, parking enforcement systems have only been used by parking enforcement authorities, who detect and penalize violators. This paper introduces a modified version of the parking enforcement system utilizing smartphones that allows ordinary citizens to report parking violators to parking enforcement officers. The procedures of the system are taking a picture of a vehicle in violation, receiving the violation report virtually and finally reporting if violation car still remained at same location after five minutes have passed. The proposed system contains properties for transmission and receiving data about whether the complaint report of the violator`s vehicle has been received in real time. It also works in conjunction with the existing parking enforcement system. This paper describes implementation of the proposed system.
Parking enforcement system;CCTV;PDA;smartphone;network packet;and mobility;
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