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Scale Invariant Single Face Tracking Using Particle Filtering With Skin Color
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 Title & Authors
Scale Invariant Single Face Tracking Using Particle Filtering With Skin Color
Adhitama, Perdana; Kim, Soo Hyung; Na, In Seop;
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In this paper, we will examine single face tracking algorithms with scaling function in a mobile device. Face detection and tracking either in PC or mobile device with scaling function is an unsolved problem. Standard single face tracking method with particle filter has a problem in tracking the objects where the object can move closer or farther from the camera. Therefore, we create an algorithm which can work in a mobile device and perform a scaling function. The key idea of our proposed method is to extract the average of skin color in face detection, then we compare the skin color distribution between the detected face and the tracking face. This method works well if the face position is located in front of the camera. However, this method will not work if the camera moves closer from the initial point of detection. Apart from our weakness of algorithm, we can improve the accuracy of tracking.
Single Face Tracking;Particle Filter;Face Detection;Scaling;Skin Color;
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