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Construction of a Video Dataset for Face Tracking Benchmarking Using a Ground Truth Generation Tool
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 Title & Authors
Construction of a Video Dataset for Face Tracking Benchmarking Using a Ground Truth Generation Tool
Do, Luu Ngoc; Yang, Hyung Jeong; Kim, Soo Hyung; Lee, Guee Sang; Na, In Seop; Kim, Sun Hee;
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In the current generation of smart mobile devices, object tracking is one of the most important research topics for computer vision. Because human face tracking can be widely used for many applications, collecting a dataset of face videos is necessary for evaluating the performance of a tracker and for comparing different approaches. Unfortunately, the well-known benchmark datasets of face videos are not sufficiently diverse. As a result, it is difficult to compare the accuracy between different tracking algorithms in various conditions, namely illumination, background complexity, and subject movement. In this paper, we propose a new dataset that includes 91 face video clips that were recorded in different conditions. We also provide a semi-automatic ground-truth generation tool that can easily be used to evaluate the performance of face tracking systems. This tool helps to maintain the consistency of the definitions for the ground-truth in each frame. The resulting video data set is used to evaluate well-known approaches and test their efficiency.
Face Tracking;Ground-truth;Face Video Dataset;
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