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The Use of Persona Based Scenario Method for the Development of Web Board Game for the Pre-elderly
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  • Journal title : International Journal of Contents
  • Volume 10, Issue 2,  2014, pp.37-41
  • Publisher : The Korea Contents Association
  • DOI : 10.5392/IJoC.2014.10.2.037
 Title & Authors
The Use of Persona Based Scenario Method for the Development of Web Board Game for the Pre-elderly
Seo, Mi-Ra; Kim, Ae-Kyung;
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This study defined the pre-elderly as middle age people from 50 to 59. Because it is difficult to produce a design to satisfy the pre-elderly without deeply understanding them, their financial and physical characteristics and persona-based scenario method was studied. An experimental study about persona based scenario method was conducted, and as a result, the types of personas found were as follows: 1) Users enjoy the same games online and offline. 2) Users enjoy playing alone on the computer. 3) Users prefer games that end quickly with win or loss. Writing the situation scenario for each type, the pre-elderly's problems and needs occurring while they play web board games were obtained. The obtained user requests were as follows: users would like the level of difficulty to be simpler in the game of baduk; users wanted unlimited credit and refrainment from using English words in go-Stop; and there were simple comments about game screen design.
Web Board Game;Pre-elderly;Persona;Situation Scenario;
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